Shelby John, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Worker


Thank you for visiting Wholistic Living. I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you more and help support you through the challenges life has thrown your way. Some seasons of life are more difficult than others and often, no matter how hard we try, it is more than we can or should handle alone.


I am a licensed clinical social worker with many years of experience working with adults, children and families in Harford County, Maryland. I built my practice to help people heal, and I do this by using EMDR, talk therapy, coaching techniques and other clinical skills so that the clients I work with have healhier lives and relationships.


Clients often share that within a few sessions of working together, they experience a decrease in anxiety and depression, and an increase in focus, hope and joy, and have gained tools to help navigate the challenges of life, marriage issues, anxiety, addiction and trauma.
Since beginning my recovery journey in July 2002 and working through my own struggle with addiction and trauma, I know first hand the importance of EMDR and talk therapy, along with a relationship with a God of my understanding. All of this has helped me heal and learn to live life on life’s terms.


Since I can remember my heart has been for service.  I began my career at the Department of Social Services and for over nine years I worked in the foster care division helping young people.   While there I learned first-hand the challenges these young people faced in order to transition to adulthood successfully.  This career along with my own personal EMDR experience planted the desire in my heart to learn more about trauma recovery.


When I was pregnant with my third child, I realized my time and energy was most needed at home. While raising my own three children, I uncovered another passion for health and wellness.   I decided to pursue a formal education at The College of Natural Health to learn more about healing the body and mind naturally.  After 5 years of full time stay at home momhood, I opened my own clinical practice.  In addition, I became a certified EMDR therapist through the EMDRIA Institute and have been using this trusted therapy successfully with my clients over the years.


Through extensive study of current research I have learned how powerful eating whole foods, finding the right exercise that works for you, and developing a spiritual connection is. This combination of holistic support often brings true joy to my client’s life. Through my holistic health expertise combined with my mental health training and experience, my support allows you to be the person you have always yearned to be.  One of the greatest rewards in my practice is that I get to do this work every day and watch my clients recover, blossom and grow.


In closing, I envision a future where it is common knowledge that nourishing yourself naturally leads to a healthier, joyful life, creates an environment for disease prevention and a connection of the whole being. A place where the physical body, emotions and the spirit come together in unity and where we can accept ourselves (faults and assets), as the beautiful child of God that we are.


My goal is to support you in the way you need to take responsibility for your own life and healing. You will learn how to create healthy boundaries, heal old hurts, make yourself a priority and feel more emotionally stable.  I will attentively coach and support you while you make small, manageable changes that result in significant improvements in emotional and physical health, and lead to lasting improvements in the way you feel.


At the end of the day, I respect my clients and believe that while you are your own expert, everyone needs additional support during life’s more difficult seasons.  And that’s where I can help you!


You are welcome to reach out with any questions via email, or via phone (410-937-1386).