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Shelby John

Life/Health Coach

Hello and thank you for visiting Wholistic Living. I am excited about the opportunity to work with you to design a plan for living that really works and meets your needs. I am a licensed clinical social worker with years of experience working with children and families in Harford County, Maryland.

Over time, while raising my own three children, I uncovered my true passion for nutrition, exercise and all-around wellness and have decided to pursue a formal education at The College of Natural Health.

Through extensive study of current research I have learned how powerful eating whole foods, finding the right exercise that works for you and developing a spiritual connection can be to bringing true joy to your life.

I envision a future where it is common knowledge that nourishing yourself naturally leads to a healthier, joyful life, creates an environment for disease prevention and creates a connection of the whole being. A place where the physical body, emotions and the spirit come together in unity and where we can accept ourselves (faults and assets), as the beautiful child of God that we are.

My goal is to support you in a highly focused, goal oriented, natural way so you can take responsibility for your own health in ways you can easily embrace. My individual, nutrition and lifestyle counseling program will enable you to prioritize your health in our over-scheduled and disease ridden culture. I will attentively coach and support you to develop a plan of action around your specific goals so you make small, manageable changes that result in significant improvements in physical health and lead to lasting improvements in the way you feel. To help you be as successful as possible, I will provide frequent support and communication with you in the most convenient way possible to suit your schedule.

At the end of the day, I believe you are your own best health expert. Chances are that you already know much of the pop culture information you need in order to drop a few pounds, get fit, de-stress and get organized. The challenge is to learn life and health concepts that withstand the test of time and eliminate the ups and downs of current trends. And that’s where I can help you!
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